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Just Enough Software Architecture: A Risk-Driven Approach [Hardcover]

George H. Fairbanks (Author)

This is a practical guide for software developers, and different than other software architecture books. Here's why:

It teaches risk-driven architecting. There is no need for meticulous designs when risks are small, nor any excuse for sloppy designs when risks threaten your success. This book describes a way to do just enough architecture. It avoids the one-size-fits-all process tar pit with advice on how to tune your design effort based on the risks you face.

It democratizes architecture. This book seeks to make architecture relevant to all software developers. Developers need to understand how to use constraints as guiderails that ensure desired outcomes, and how seemingly small changes can affect a system's properties.

It cultivates declarative knowledge. There is a difference between being able to hit a ball and knowing why you are able to hit it, what psychologists refer to as procedural knowledge versus declarative knowledge. This book will make you more aware of what you have been doing and provide names for the concepts.

It emphasizes the engineering. This book focuses on the technical parts of software development and what developers do to ensure the system works not job titles or processes. It shows you how to build models and analyze architectures so that you can make principled design tradeoffs. It describes the techniques software designers use to reason about medium to large sized problems and points out where you can learn specialized techniques in more detail.

It provides practical advice. Software design decisions influence the architecture and vice versa. The approach in this book embraces drill-down/pop-up behavior by describing models that have various levels of abstraction, from architecture to data structure design.

Thursday, March 26, 2015
Welcome to Southern California .NET Architecture Users Group
The next SoCal IASA chapter meet The next SoCal IASA chapter meeting will be Thursday March 19, 2015 at Outsource Technical, 2 Corporate Plaza, Suite 125, Newport Beach, CA 92660. Meeting starts at 7:00 pm, pizza and networking 6:30 pm. Meeting cost is $5 to help us cover the cost of food and beverages. RSVP by emailing to David Wells if you plan to attend.

Asynchronous programming

Each version of the .NET CLR has supported a separate asynchronous programming models. Along the way there have been numerous "helpers" like the Background Worker Component. None of these techniques were flexible, powerful and simple enough to really catch on. That is changing with the Task Async Programming (TAP) pattern in v4. But TAP really didn't come to the fore until .NET v4.5 added the Async/Await keywords in C# and VB. An hour isn't enough time to do this topic justice but we'll outline a way to understand Async/Await and what it provides. And we'll point you towards more info since you'll likely rush out to write (or re-write) your first async functions!


Jeff Hart

Jeff specializes in developing and supporting solutions on the Microsoft stack. He is president of Vanishing Clouds, a local Microsoft Partner focused on helping small businesses leverage technology. Jeff is active in a number of the local user groups where he’s a frequent speaker and mentor.



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Southern California .NET Architecture user group was founded to create a community for assisting software developers and software architects to increase their understanding of software architecture.

SoCal .NET Architecture users group is a not for profit social group whose purpose is to provide a forum for software architects and software developers to expand their knowledge of software architecture and Microsoft .NET technologies.


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